Business Computer Recycling

Why Us?

We operate a facility that is geared towards waste IT and computer recycling of equipment previously used in a business environment. This specialism requires an increased level of security, is geared toward meeting environmental standards that reflect specific aspects of CSR and is proactive in providing an efficient service.


The security of your old hardware is paramount. We follow recognised standards in our approach to dealing with this aspect of the operation.

  • Clearly identifiable, uniformed staff.
  • A secure facility with tamper proof doors, windows, Alarmed with motion sensing CCTV.
  • Separate internal treatment area for the destruction of media, secured against unauthorised access.
  • A turn-around for all media of 24 hours, upon receipt at the facility.

Data Destruction:

Corporate or Business related computer equipment usually contains data relating to the business or its clients, whether from the general public or a private entity. Such sensitive information must be thoroughly destroyed and we are geared towards this activity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

An aspect associated with providing business computer recycling, we have incorporated specific standards within our working practices so as to preempt the wider requirements of our clients.

These aspects include the reporting of wastes derived from our processes, the issuing of waste transfer notes (meeting the Duty of Care) and providing an asset tracking service.

We are ethical and our service negates the need for Landfill, maintains a Zero incident rating with the Environment Agency. This uses something called OPRA scoring. You can learn about this here and does not export waste equipment outside the United Kingdom.