Computer Data and Media Destruction

Data Destruction

Hard disk drives and other storage devices contain data relating to confidential or proprietary information which should be completely and irrecoverably destroyed. In lieu of the GDPR, which superceeeds the DPA, consideration should be given to the destruction of such data, post use, so as to ensure a breach does not occur. Data can be purged from the drives by overwriting. Alternatively, the physical drive can be mechanically destroyed.

Our Destruction Solutions:

IT-GreenĀ® offers suitable solutions to the full, irrecoverable destruction of data(1) on hard disk drives and other data bearing media. Our solutions, have been designed to meet with processes set out in BS/ EN 15713 (2009) and guidance issued by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (UK).

Hard Drive Binary Wiping/ Purging:

UK legislation for armed forces and top secret data is covered by HMG CESG IS5, which incorporates both baseline (Single pass random overwrite) and Enhanced (3 pass overwrite) of data.

Although superceeded by NIST 800-88 (which requires a single pass wipe), we maintain a data wiping facility offering 7 pass binary wiping to the US DOD 7 pass standard.

Hard Drive Shredding/ Shearing:

We Provide a full destruction service whereby hard drives are sheared into sections in accordance with BS EN 15713 (2009). Circuit boards are separated from the drives, providing further security to the process.

Optical Media and Solid State Media Granulation:

In accordance with BS EN 15713 (2009) we provide a secure service for the complete destruction of optical and solid state media down to 4mm chips,

Tape Backup Units:

Units are shredded to BS EN15713 (2009) ensuring their complete destruction and preventing any recovery of data. This consists of disintegrating the media to granules no more than 5mm in diameter.

Full Certification:

Our service collects, transports and processes your data bearing media in-house with no third party involvement. We provide full itemised certificates once we’ve destroyed your media. Certificates of destruction include the make, model, serial number and methods of destruction used.