UK Nationwide Computer Recycling

We collect unwanted computer hardware for recycling from Businesses and Schools throughout the United Kingdom. We provide a secure, sustainable and ethical solution, carrying out the physical recycling of the computers at our own waste management facility. We also aim to adhere to current environmental regulation by actively seeking to put equipment back into use, inside the UK.

We’ve been operating as a waste management company, specialising in waste IT disposal for nearly a decade. We’re also skilled in the destruction of data storage devices and offer a pro-active service that provides a full report at the end of each contract.

Our Nationwide Service Covers:

Binary Wiping & Mechanical destruction

We’ve developed a process of destruction for any form of data storage device. We segregate, sort and destroy vsarious devices, recording the make, model and serial number of each unit as it’s broken up. Backed by a full waste management license, we mechanically process many items to current regulation. This incluces, but is not limited to the granulation of CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, Backup tapes, Mobile phones and memory sticks.

However, our main activities consist of the binary wiping of Hard Disk Drives and we have the capacity to destroy the data on some 150 drives per day. However, we’re concious of security when it comes to data wiping and physically destroy any drives that show a sign of having the slightest of defects.

Professional Recycling:

When we turn up at your offices, we’ll load your old equipment into our vehicles and issue you with both Controlled and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes. These legal documents form the back-bone of the waste management regulatory system by providing evidence of the correct transfer of your waste.

Upon arrival at our facility, we’ll recycle your computer hardware, destroy any data and treat any hazardous wastes. We’ll also test any equipment that appears to be suitable for re-use, in accordance with to BS PAS141.

Once the entire contract has been completed, we’ll issue you with a number of certificates in the post, letting you know the number of units put back into use and the volume of materials recovered. We’ll also issue a Part E certificate for any hazardous waste you passed into our posession.

Extensively Licensed

Not only do our employees hold extensive qualifications in the management of waste, IT and Engineering, our facility and operations are also extensively licensed. We hold the following licenses covering our activities:List

  • Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licence.
  • Authorised Treatment Facility for WEEE
  • Hazardous Waste Producers Licence
  • T9 Scrap Metal Dealers Licence
  • Beneficial Use of Wastes Licence