Computer Printer Recycling

Our Services:

We recycle all forms of printers including:

  • All-in-one (MFP) printers.
  • Photocopiers
  • Laser Printers
  • plotters (A3, A2, A1 and A0)
  • Inkjet printers

Our services also recycle scanners, whatever the size.

Why recycle printing equipment?

Whilst the majority of printer hardware is non-hazardous by it’s very nature, it’s recycling is still covered by the requirements of the WEEE directive and remains your Duty of Care. Similarly toner dust is not hazardous as it no longer contains carcinogens. However, Multi function printers, photocopiers and scanners all contain backlights, which use white mercury powder inside the fluorescent tubes. Their recovery and correct disposal is governed by the Hazardous Waste regulations (2005). In a similar vein, printers manufactured pre 1980 contain poly chlorinated biphenyl in any electrolytic capacitors over 25mm in height. These require specialist treatment and we separate them out as part of our recycling process.

Full treatment:

Our service collects, transports and recycles all equipment in-house, issuing both Controlled waste and Hazardous Waste consignment notes at the point of collection. We operate a Waste Management Facility, licensed for the complete disassembly and segregation of wastes into their constituent components. Our service recovers OEM toners for reconditioning by charitable organisations, fluorescent tubes for remanufacture to the highest possible standards and recovery of all recyclable materials for re-use in the manufacturing industry. All our operations are carried out inside the UK.

Data Security:

Printers, particularly large format and workgroup units are not immune to data security and may contain hard drives that will retain previously spooled jobs. Their recovery and destruction is an important part of our work. We carry out secure shredding of all hard drives removed from printing hardware. There’s more on our Data Destruction Processes here.